Programs in Allentown School District:
  • Trexler Middle School
  • Raub Middle School
  • South Mountain Middle School
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Buxmont Academy (Bethlehem)
- Caring Place
- Boys & Girls Club

Join us for Yoga with live Chanting at
(with Pramod) -
West End Yoga:

Fridays at 4:30 pm and
Sundays at 6 pm.

We appreciate contributions from:
- West End Yoga Family
- Chandrashekhar Prasad Sinha
- Anjana & Krishna Kanhaiya
- Unnat & Akshat Krishna
- Aditya, Madhu & Ajay Mishra
- Geeta and Janardan Prasad
- Living Room Yoga
- SaraBeth Schepp
- Lehigh Valley Yoga

Pratyush Sinha Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children in the United States and India. We know that this is a daunting task, but we believe that action is better than inaction and whatever we can do to give a boost to some deserving child is worth pursuing.

Our purpose is to effectively serve as an organization which provides financial support for educational assistance to rural and urban areas both in the United States of America and India.
The ultimate aim is to enable children socially and economically to have a better quality of life.

We started with the purpose to identify needy and deserving children and enables them to attend better schools, colleges or vocational centers as needed. And, it grew to be helping any child in need of mindfulness, awareness and being useful and positive influence in society. We believe that besides education, we need to provide at the risk youth with the tools that will make them confident, balanced and strong. And this can be done through an integrated yoga program.

We now have an ongoing yoga program in some schools of Allentown School District and Buxmont Academy in Bethlehem
We are continuing Yoga classes at after school programs like ASPIRE, Boys and Girls Clubs and The Caring Place in Allentown.

Our mission is also to ensure that recipients of our efforts continue to be better humans.

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The Pratyush Sinha Foundation is using yoga as a way to teaches inner city youth to feel better about themselves and deal with everyday stresses. Learn more about this organization and the talented and compassionate person behind.
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